Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Am I REALLY pregnant?

Man I feel great.  I keep asking myself if I'm really pregnant!!!  Of course I am with my HCG count at 792 on Sat and I'm sure well in to the 1000's now.  :)  The only pregnancy "feeling" I'm having is that I go from not hungry to starving in 2 seconds..so I devour some food and an immediately full after 3-4 bites.  I feel bloated all the time.  I already have a pooch with no clothes on...so yeah, thinking I'm going to be huge!! LOL  Oh and my boobs....they are soooo sore!!!! I wear a sports bra 24/7 hoping that nothing touches them and they don't move!!  I make Taylen be very careful because the few times that she had kneeed (is that a word) me has hurt so bad that I wanted to cry.  But other than that, my energy is great, I feel great all day..even mornings and I hope it continues to stay this easy.  I will be 5 weeks on Thurs!!!  Awesomeness!  Oh and November 12 is my first sono....they may be able to tell if I have just 1 baby in there or 2...2 is what I'm going for...better not be 3 or 4!! LOL Whoa!!!!!

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