Friday, October 29, 2010

My baby and Explaining

I went home thrilled last night to tell Tay that it was confirmed that I had a baby(ies) in my tummy!!!!  She got sooooo excited and said "I want to kiss and hug your belly" and so she did.  Then last night her friends A and C were over and she said "My mommy has a baby in her tummy...but it goes to B and C".  What??  I said I'm having a baby for someone else and he said, someone that doesn't have a baby? Yes, exactly.  Tay then proceed to say, "but the next baby is mine"!!! LOL  I am so happy to have her by my side thru this journey.  Who knows how she'll take it in the end, but right now, it seems like she gets it.  She's right there watching me get my shots and the last shot she had to get she thought she was so big cause mommy gets them and doesn't cry...and she didn't either.  Matter of fact, she was proud to get a shot!!!! LOL  Hopefully this will keep her from a fear of needles that I've alway had.  I'm buying a book that is intended for a surrogate child called "Why I'm So Special, A Book about Surrogacy" that is written for toddlers and intended for a child born to a surrogate but I think will help her understand too.   I can't imagine life without her and God willing I never will, and to be able to present that gift to someone else fills my heart!

Last night in bed as she was crawling over me, Tay said "I won't smash the baby mommy!!"  Such a sweet girl!

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Andrea said...

So sweet!! When I told my 5yr old son that we were going to meet the IP's (this past Sunday), he said "Mommy, are they going to give you their egg today?".