Thursday, November 11, 2010

A rough couple of days

As you know I went in on Sunday for a sono because I was bleeding.  Sunday the bleeding stopped and Monday it came back.  I again called the dr. and she instructed me to 24-48 hours of bed rest or until the bleeding stopped.  I went on bed rest (as much as you can with a 3 yo) and Tuesday while on bed rest I felt a migraine coming on.  All of you who have been pregnant know there is NOTHING you can take when you get a headache let alone a migraine.  Tylenol, thats it, and as many of you know, tylenol does NOTHING!!   So the bleeding stopped mid-day Tuesday and the headache got worse.  I used to get migraines a lot before Tay was born, but since her, I can count on one hand how may I've had.  On Wednesday, it was all I could do to get out of bed.  Every time I stood up I about blacked out and felt like someone was hitting me on the head with pots and pans.   Thank goodness I have wonderful friends who offered to pick up Tay from daycare and keep her until bedtime.  By the time she got home, I felt good enough to sit up and eat and play a little with her and back to bed we went.  Tay was so sweet  and whispered (due to  Auntie Crazy telling her to) and asked if she could rub my head.  She did and we laughed and talked and called it a night.  Today I feel better, not 100% but better and tomorrow is the 6 week sono.  Hopefully we will hear a heartbeat!!! I'm so super excited!!!!!!!!

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