Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 2...

As some of you may know and some not, I have decided to become a surrogate mother.  I have thought of doing this for years and it's finally here..finally time!!!  I decided to go through an agency because I didn't know of anyone in particular that needed a surrogate.  My first go around with a couple fell through.  After flying to Pennsylvania to meet them and actually taking the first step in going to the dr., they decided they couldn't afford everything and at the same time, I was thinking we didn't really "fit".   Also, after that experience I decided I would really rather have someone here close who could go to dr. appointments with me and who could experience the whole thing.  So I met another couple who live nearby Dallas and we hit it off from the first moment we met.  They are both AMAZING people who love and adore me and Taylen!!!  I couldn't have asked for a better couple and/or better "match".  

Our first meeting was in April and since then we have been going through the process.    The first step in July was to remove my IUD.  Let me tell you, that was extreme pain!! It wouldn't have been, but apparently I have a "tilted" uterus and therefore the dr. had to go "in and down" to get it and it was not pretty.  After about an hour and possible a surgery, she finally pulled that sucker out...and I will NOT ever get another one. LOL  The next step was to get a saline "wash" to clean out my system and to see my uterus and all other things clearly.  Another painful experience, but nothing I couldn't handle.  It took about 10 minutes total, but nonetheless 10 painful minutes. 

Let the meds begin.  I started Lupron shots and pills in August.  I was scared to death. Someone who is as freaked out about needles as I am..scared.  And then to have to do them in my stomach..what?!! LOL Thankfully I was meeting up with my parents the weekend I had to start shots and had my mom give me my very first shot.  It was painless and quick.  I could do this!!  So from then on, every night before bed me and Taylen would sit on the floor, count to 3 and I'd do the shot.  Sometimes it took us counting to 3 several times and Taylen telling me "just do it Mommy" but it got done.  Those shots last until Oct. 13 (or so) and then the "big daddy" shots started...Progesterone.  These needles are HUGE and go in to the muscle so I thought I was freaked out about the Lupron shots, but man oh man was I ever freaked out about these shots.  These go in basically your butt so I was trying to figure out who was going to give them to me or how I was going to do it by myself.  THANK GOD I have amazing people in my life and Taylen's daycare teacher said she'd do it for me Mon-Fri. so I just have to have someone around to do it for me over the weekend.  So far, my brother and friend Leah have been "cursed" with the shot giving!! LOL

THE BIG DAY: October 19, 2010 was the big day..the transfer.  I had to go in with a full bladder and prepare myself for the egg transfer.  I had a full bladder alright and had to sit there for an hour.  I was seriously about to just give up go pee and sit there and drink water until my bladder filled up again..but thankfully my name was called.  We go back to the lab and have 2 "steller" eggs growing.  So they implant the 2 eggs and after taking valium and finally getting to go pee...I couldn't have felt better.  This rush of excitement, nerves and anxious had taken over my body.  Now we wait until day 9 which is Oct. 28 to take a pregnancy test.  I'm praying and have a lot of others praying for me that one or both eggs will develop and that I'm pregnant.  Pregnant, planned this time, but not for me.  For 2 awesome deserving people I am potentially pregnant.  This is the "short" version and I will keep ya'll updated as much as possible.  I'll tell about dating thru this and explaining it all to Taylen.  I hope this is just a start to an amazing journey!

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Andrea said...

I have an IUD too. Now I'm scarred it's going to hurt like hell when they take it out :( Oh man.