Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dr. appt.

We had our US yesterday and if we hadn't already had a 3D/4D sono, then this would have been the day we found out what I was carrying.  However, it was only confirmed that there is a sweet boy growing in there and everything is perfect.  Measurements and all are perfect.   My dr. did notice that my placenta is low, however, she said this is not a concern as of now since I'm only 20 weeks (21 tomorrow), but that we will do a recheck at 28 weeks to see where it is sitting.  I asked if there is anything I need to do different or anything I need to start/stop but my dr. said no, that all is well.  So that's all for now.  Have another dr. appt. in 4 weeks and then it starts 2 appointments a month and then every week.  I can't believe this journey is half over already...seems like it took forever to start and now it's already half way gone..but isn't that the case in life.  You wait and wait for something and then it's here and gone and hopefully you got to enjoy the moment before it was too late.  So that's what I'm trying to do, enjoy the moment, enjoy being pregnant, enjoy this journey and will take whatever comes along the way. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm Still Here

It's been awhile, but I really have no updates or any complaints.  This has been the easiest, most stress-free pregnancy I have experienced and I'm LOVING it.  I'm loving that everything is going so smoothly and I'm loving getting to share my "story".  I did get an awesome invite to help out the surrogacy program that I am currently with right now and am so excited about that.  I won't go in to much detail yet because nothing is official yet, but as time gets closer and things are more "official" I will post about it.  But for right now, God is blessing me every day and we are healthy and moving right along.  I'm 19 weeks today and it's flying by....almost half way done and can't believe it.  I already know I'm going to miss the journey when it is over, but for now, I'm going to enjoy the moment.  We have an US next Tues. so we will get to see Mr. Boy moving and kicking again which always makes me feel good.  I'm feeling him move here and there, but nothing like I expect in the next few months to come.   I will post new pics soon.