Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Less than 48 hrs.....

Well I don't have much to report.  At my dr. appt. last Friday I wasn't even dialated.  I have less than 48 hours until I deliver this sweet boy.  Last Saturday my IM and me had a spa day complete w/ manis, pedis, facials and massages.  I think I went to heaven and back that was amazing!!! Sadly, we both forgot to take pics!! Dang it, but it was amazing.  Tomorrow my mom arrives at 2:30 and then we are all going out for dinner for my "last meal" and then will be at the hospital at 7:30 a.m. Friday morning.  I can't believe this journey has almost come to an end.  It has been so amazing and I seriously have the best IPs hands down!!!  I'm sure a few of you other surros would think those are fighting words....but seriously I have been so blessed to help such an awesome couple.  I cannot wait to meet this lil man....he will be so loved.  I'm working until tomorrow at noon and then will be off for 5-6 weeks...which will be so nice!!!!  My dr. has a strict 6 week policy after a c-section and as much convincing (or as little) I did that I could go back before then, I don't think she's going to release me.    I just reread this and think I'm rambling, but I have so many emotions right now...happy, sad, excited, anxious, wondering the "what ifs", contemplating how I will feel when I get home and I seriously haven't slept good in sorry if I don't make sense.  I will leave you with these pics from work today and a girl at work thought it would be fun to take them in heels.  LOL  So no, I didn't actually wear these to work, my heel days have been over since about 35 weeks, but here you go.  I will report back after the birth.  Thanks to all my fellow surros and followers who have followed this journey.  I have "met" some awesome people thru this blog and one in particular who I've met in person is Krystal and I'm so thankful for her support and friendship.  Can't wait to be with her thru her journey. Until next you go

Monday, June 20, 2011

11 days....

So much has been going on.  Last Tuesday I was so busy at work and didn't eat except for breakfast (yeah I know...whoops).  I worked later than normal that day too and was feeling terrible.  I picked up my daughter and we went home.  Late Tuesday night I started feeling really bad.  I thought maybe I was having contractions, but wasn't sure (yeah I know most people know..but seriously I really wasn't sure...LOL).  Anyways, needless to say I was up all night in pain and debated on whether to go to the hospital or not.  I didn't.  Wednesday I slept in later than normal and came to work a couple hours late and still felt pretty crappy.  My IM said if I started getting those pains again to call the dr. I had a dr. appt. already for Friday so I'm stubborn and didn't go.  She suggested that maybe my blood sugar go too low from not eating and by Wed. night I was feeling much better.  Thursday was the Mavs parade and I debated off and on whether to go, but it's once in a lifetime and I'm a big Mavs fan and our office was closed for the a bunch of us decided to go from work.  THANKFULLY we were in the shade the whole time except for the last 15 min or so of the parade.  I made it and felt good, tired, but good the rest of the day.  Friday I felt back to normal finally and didn't think this baby was going to fall out every time I stood up!!! LOL I had a dr. appt. on Friday and dr. said all is well. I am measuring 36 weeks at 37 weeks and she estimated the baby weighing around 7 lbs.  We all have a bet going on how much he will weigh.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to win w/ a 7lb. 4 oz. guess!!!! :)  I've said that from day one and still pretty confident!  Saturday was the baby shower for sweet baby C and let me tell you, it was one AMAZING baby shower.  We had so much fun, this little boy is going to be sooo loved and everyone was so kind and kept telling me how amazing and fabulous I was.  It's nice to hear, but also a little uncomfortable. LOL  I don't think I'm any more "fabulous" than the next person and if I do say so myself, my IPs are pretty darn FABULOUS!!!!    So with all of that, I'll leave you with some pics...3 of my belly and then one at the parade with my shirt!!! LOL   I got lots of laughs and compliments.   And as of today, I only have 11 days and am praying every night I make it the next 11 days because I want my mama here and she lands at 2:30 on June 30!!!  Nothing like the last minute!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

36 weeks today....3 to go!!!

had my dr. appt. today and baby is measuring right on at 36 weeks.  My cervix is still shut and not dialated.  Had to get the b-strep and HIV tests done, other than that all is well.  Oh and I lost a pound!! YES! LOL 

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Is anyone having problems commenting on blogs or staying signed in.  I can't comment on ANYONE'S blogs and I'm getting furious!!!!  It is pissin me off!!! LOL  So for all you bloggers that I always comment on, I'm not ignoring you and I try every day and it won't work.....I almost want to punch my computer...but then what good will that do right?! Anyways, I'm still reading the blogs and of course still have brilliant advice (LOL) but I can't comment!!!!

35 weeks today!! Time is flying...

Here we go, 4 weeks left.  Still rockin the can't really tell in this pic, but I promise...they are heels!! LOL